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Advantages and Disadvantages of Drywall

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drywall
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Plaster and lath were popularly used for walls back in the days. It was only in 1894 that drywall came to the picture and overtook the popularity of plaster and lath. Drywalls or also known as plasterboards, gypsum boards and wallboards are gypsum plaster that’s sandwiched between thick papers, used on ceilings and walls. Whether you’re having your home built or renovated, one of the things that you need to consider is what material to use for your walls and ceiling; and as mentioned, drywall is one of the choices. To better help you in making your decision, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of using wallboards in your home.

Advantages of Using Wallboards

Plasterboards 24/7 ServicesThere are several benefits that you could get from using drywall and here are some of them.

* Cost effective. One of the reasons why this is a popular choice for many is because of its price. It’s an affordable material that can be used in the construction of homes. Those who are looking for effective ways to cut on their expenses would find this helpful.

* Easily available. These materials can be purchased easily in the market. If you need to replace a panel or sheet, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a replacement that would match your old panels. Moreover, paint removal can be easily done, in case you wish to repaint. There are environment friendly methods that you can use, including sandblasting and scraping.

* Quick to install. The problem with plaster and lath is that they take much time to install. They are also complex so extra care and precision is needed in order to get a perfect result. According the experts from drywall repair Gardena, plasterboards are easier and quicker to install. That being said, this speeds up the construction or renovation of the home.

* Easy to cut. In case there is a need to cut the sheet to fit the space on the wall or ceiling, or you need a specific size for repair or replacement, plasterboards can be easily cut.

Disadvantages of Using Wallboards

Like any other materials, drywalls also come with drawbacks.

* Prone to water damage. They can be easily damaged by water, especially if close to sinks, bathrooms and washrooms. Water damage could cause the panels to fall and grow mold. However, there are plasterboards with fiberglass that are more water resistant.

* Not as durable. Wallboards may not be as durable, especially if used on areas with heavy traffics. Hitting and bumping on them may cause damage. If you want a sturdier type, there are abuse resistant plasterboards that are better in withstanding impacts.

* Difficult to recycle. If recycling is important for you, you should know that drywalls are hard to recycle and more often than not, they are disposed on landfills.

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