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Need some tips on how to repair drywall holes? You will find the best ones here

Drywall finishing

Hand and eye coordination is required in drywall finishing. So if you do not have it, it is better to get professional assistance. Aside from saving time on trying it yourself, you can also save some money by purchasing a new set of materials needed.

Tip on purchasing drywall fasteners

On attaching drywalls, there should be enough fasteners. That is why our experts recommend placing fasteners for about 16 inches away or lesser, depending on the measurement of the wall. If it is hard for you to determine how many fasteners are needed for your wall, it is best to have an estimated sum of pieces needed. After all, too much is better than not enough.

When to apply the second coating

Dry wall finishing naturally takes time. If you want to save some time, do not wait for the taping to dry. You can immediately apply the second coating as early as you desire. The good thing about the tape used in attaching drywall is that it dries out the same time the second coat is drying.

Whip gently to prevent too much air from mixing in

In preparing the mud to be used in drywall taping, a little amount of water has to be added to prevent mud from being stiff. The way you whip the mixture is also important. If you whip it fast, air might get into the mixture causing tiny air bubbles to appear. As our experts advise, whip the mud mixture at a slow pace and do not add too much water.

Aluminum mesh and drywall repair

Drywall Repair Gardena experts recommend the use of aluminum patches/mesh to fix broken drywalls. Use a patch of the right size and spread the joint compound over it uniformly. Let it dry overnight and then recoat and ensure that the patch blends well with the rest of the wall.

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