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Basics of Drywall Installation

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Drywall, also called gypsum board, is a common building material today, but not when it was first invented in 1916. The need to use this product increased during the time when inexpensive homes had to be built quickly. It was proven an effective material compared to traditional plaster and wood. Traditionally, drywall is made up of gypsum plaster mixture sandwiched between two pieces of heavy paper. It is allowed to cure while wet, then cut into boards of desired length. It can be in dry form, which is easier to work on. Drywall installation helps cut time of completing a project, against the use of lath and plaster.

Steps Involved in Drywall Installation

In installing drywall, measurements are taken, then boards are scored and cut to fit, and screwed into walls or ceiling joists. It has to be finished before it is painted, so all nails, screw holes, dents or gaps are treated and leveled. The steps may seem simple, but they’re actually not. The finish painting part is challenging, especially for beginners. This material is light and cheap, and it does not crack easily as plaster walls do, but of course, it’s far from being impervious. It will require patching at one point, when it is stressed from heavy load or if it gets damaged by moisture. Patching involves preparing the surface, applying the compound, sanding and finishing. Our professional drywall repair services in Gardena can be availed, and they may offer paint removal, spackling and painting.

Drywall Buying Considerations

Drywall Installation 24/7 ServicesMajor considerations in buying drywall include sheet size, thickness and type. The common sheet size is 4 feet by 8, but you can buy in larger sizes. The best size is one that offers fewer seams as it appears in the finish. Drywall is available in various thicknesses, but the common ones are ½ and 3/8 inch. If there are large gaps between joists, thicker sheets are needed.

Drywall comes in different types, including square-edged, taper-edged, moisture resistant, fire-resistant, foil-backed, soundproof and abuse-resistant. The standard type is the square-edged drywall , with sheets that should be plastered over. These are commonly used for ceilings and walls. You can buy drywall that best suits your needs. You may also ask a contractor about wall insulation, which adds to your energy efficiency. This will also help soundproof a particular room. If you are from a colder location, you may opt for foil-backed type and not moisture-resistant product. Suitable material for garages includes fire-resistant and abuse-resistant drywall.

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